My inspirators & and wisdom keepers

James Evans Bomar III

Visionaire, author of code to the matrix, creator of Open Source Spirituality, Spirtec, Astralquest, Phi Aqua, secret energy and teacher.

My mentor, teacher, inspirator and co-creator.

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Ra Uru Hu

Founder and Teacher Human Design System

The teachings of Ra Uru Hu.

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Richard Rudd

Mystic teacher and award-winning poet

The Gene Keys teach you “the art of living well

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Rosy Aronson

Rosy Aronson, PhD, is an inspirational artist, author, teacher.

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64 Doors

True role models

Simone is a Quantum Shaman and Soul Whisperer who works with people all over the world as they explore soul consciousness on Earth. Bella weaves many paths into one, threading the paths of yoga and tantra and bringing a strong connection to the ancestral shamanic wisdom. Ashley Nicole is a key holder, an activator, a teacher and a guide. Together they bridge the gap!

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Sergio Magaña

Holistic Toltic breath and wishdom teacher

Nahuatl Tradition, Author of the Toltec Wishdom

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Marcel Koehorst

Teacher of breath and cold therapie

Marcel maakt de ademhaling en het ijsbad, voor algehele verbetering van het immuunsysteem, voor iedereen toegankelijk en haalbaar.

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Corrinda van der Jagt

Your Innerverse Guide

🌸4/6 Manifesting Generator, Solar plexus authoriteit, To respond, Right Angle Cross of Rulership. Zie hier mijn basis Human Design Profiel 🥰

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